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बैगन का भर्ता 0

बैगन का भर्ता

एकदम आसान बैगन का भर्ता प्रयुक्त सामग्री :बैगन, टमाटर,लहसुन,प्याज,मिर्च ,धनिया,सरसो का कच्चा तेल,नमक। यह सब सामग्री आपको अपने स्वाद और जरूरत के अनुसार लेना है।अगर आपको आलू पसंद है तो बैगन के अनुपात में...

वरुण का आलू पराठा 1

वरुण का आलू पराठा

आज (दिनांक २९ मई, २०२२) सुबह नाश्ते में आलू पराठा खाने का मन हुआ। तो यह आज मेरे मन में निश्चित हो गया कि पराठा तो खाना है, पर कुछ अलग। प्रयोग सामग्री: –१)...

Career 0


A guidance(try) for choosing a right career to a beginner/experienced at any step of life A a career is definite/indefinite way of path for a person which he/she follow or live with during maximum...

A day at National Zoological Park 0

A day at National Zoological Park

In Delhi like big cities, people’s life is usually very busy on weekdays. So at the weekend, to relieve out their stress they search for the location, where they can relax from routine work....

Khan Chacha-Khan Market, Delhi 0

Khan Chacha-Khan Market, Delhi

On the eve of children’s day we ( my wife & daughter) planned to go deer park as my lovely daughter wanted to see rabbit house. So after a little research, we reached there....

Potbelly! 1


A place for tasty Bihari authentic food Navratri has gone. Again Ravan has burnt all around the country. Luckily ! just after the day weekend was there. I was sitting just reading the news paper...