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Navratri has gone. Again Ravan has burnt all around the country. Luckily ! just after the day weekend was there. I was sitting just reading the news paper then I came across the new related to the sate of Bihar. There was election going on (12 Oct,2015 to 05 Nov,2015). Atmosphere is very hot at Bihar. So it has been decided (among my family and relatives living in and around Delhi) why not we should have a family gathering at Bihar Nivas and have some taste of Bhiar food. We have heard about Andhra Bhawan & Karnataka Bhawan etc. that their food are very yummy tasty.But never heard about any north Indian state house. With the help of GPS we reached at

Plot 15, Bihar Niwas, Behind Yashwant Place, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
13    12    As soon as we enter the ambiance so nice. Being a native of Eastern Uttar Pradesh,  I understand Bihar  close so thought that will reflect at Pobelly. But I proved wrong as soon as we entered in the Potbelly.

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My daughter so excited. First ever I have notice her that (since she start understanding the things) she didn’t get bored there.Actually she don’t  like any dining place. We enjoyed both veg and non-veg food. Both very tasty and are authentic. Those who loved Litti chokha or have some interest in north Indian dish I will recommend them at least go once. Bhiar considered as poor state but as soon you will full your belly then might start thinking differently…….

Here are some snap shot of menu for you ……

Menu7 Menu5 Menu4 Menu3 Menu7 Menu6

For clear view of menu you can visit online food website.

Hope your outing at Potbelly will be Yummy Tastey.

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  1. Rajesh Singh says:

    It’s always good to be with family and friends together. We enjoyed that evening with authentic Bihari food. Must visit place. Thanks Varun for covering Portbelly in your blog.

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