A guidance(try) for choosing a right career to a beginner/experienced at any step of life
A a career is definite/indefinite way of path for a person which he/she follow or live with during maximum life span of his /her life. Because of intelligence/nature of human, he always long for some achievement to satisfy his desire. Being a little vigilant we can plan our career in such a way that with little hurdle we can achieve our desire.
There is always a universal truth that a nomad/free element can fulfill their desire in a better way. But that is true for those who are passionate about their career and also there have support from surrounding.
Here my effort is for common people.
We can segregate career of a person broadly three part as below
1) Base: This is mostly decided by parents. Actually at this stage babies are not having exposure the actual world even though they were not having enough understanding of their future life. So then it become parents duty that first identify their children talent and then make available right environment for nourishing that with minimum education.
2) Middle(first half): At this stage mostly a person have decided his career with reference to his base. The person either get into that job of try to be get into that job. He has more energy to overcome the hurdle. He is more optimistic about his career. Most of people built some dream about future and start working accordingly. Some of people get accustomed to the their career environment and start following accordingly. Some times it become compulsion to follow your career according to your base. Because this the age where apart from career a lot of changes happen in life like relatives,marriage, house, babies etc.
3) Middle(second half): Most of the person at this stage get settled with pursuing career and starting living with their offspring base career. Even though some of the person who are not happy with their pursuing career but either they don’t have resources or strength or circumstances for change. So they stick to that with their buried dream.
At last there are one more stage i.e After retirement, but I can`t include with above because it depends purely on following condition
1) It may be the need of life,
2) It may be to utilize your time or to get busy to yourself and you don’t want to explore much and
3) Purely joy for life, to live with your dream whatever your had but not able fulfill during above duration.
With above my understanding,one can say or what is general perception that if you will have strong base then you can have good career. But that is not always true. Actually, as day by day a person develop his understanding through surrounding or learning his taste of career changes. One can say that he/she try to getting close to more specific career, but  all that depends on his zeal.
But I am not against to the common perception. As practical, in India like country, first you should be able enough capable that at least you can arrange you basic need by yourself and also mature enough to understand that. For these, I think, your base should be strong enough.

Here Base career means base education.
Base education can be understand as following, broadly in three part
1) Family or surrounding atmosphere education
2) Extra curricular activity education and
3) School/ college Education

As per my understanding this is the most critical part of education. During childhood a person are most adaptive in nature. He is like a plain paper and very curious about to filling his paper. Depends  on the atmosphere unknowingly!, he write his paper according to that.

Parents or guardians should not try to his/her dream over their offspring. Their role are make all available exposure to them and then filter out their interest. After that Parents need to understand, their interest and what they can do for that. After that they should motivate to their offspring for that interest, apart from other routines.

Extra curricular talent is soothe your mind. Actually this act performed, most of the time with our choice so our brain develop without any constraint and naturally. It trains your brain how to quick and calmly react with different situations also increases your concentration towards your target. This virtue of this talent you feel every each and every corner of life. Sometimes when your regular education unable to fulfill your desires or due some reason left you in middle of sea,then it come as savior.

What I think basic school education shouldn’t be ignored. This give you basic understanding of things whether personal, professional or cultural. Whatever stream child want to choose let them choose. But , here needs parents attention ( time devotions)  for their minimum performance. Each child is different, may be common understanding can’t work for them as it is, so you have to evaluate/ learn some prefix or suffix for your case.

to be continued…………

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