A mission to satisfy hunger during lock down.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, many citizens living in Noida metropolis like rickshaw drivers, daily wage laborers, roadside craftsmen and other artisans, shop workers, factory workers etc. were helpless after the lockdown was announced. The biggest problem faced by them, being daily wage earner, was “The Hunger”. Along with my friends Mr. Naveen Mishra and Mr. Anil Thapliyal with the resolution to not let them remain hungry, we came up with an idea which turned into a mission when many Noida residents lend their support. We named our mission as Rotika Bank, Rotika in Sanskrit means bread. Our slogan behind this was ” four Rotika (bread)from each home, once a week” . Here, we urged four homemade breads from every home and for curry, we arranged it from a cook who was sitting idle due to lockdown.

After office hours we used to start the collection and then distribution. This way I was able to utilize my travelling time (approx. 2 hours) from office to home, before the pandemic hit us. There was also a bit of fear while stepping out but the sense of accomplishment was overpowering the said fear.

Atta donation from a generous donor
Mask Distribution at The Jewel of Noida
Roti collection from Supertech Sector 74

The campaign ran for 52 days. About 4,000 rotis were being donated daily under this campaign, from around 5 multistory complexes(Societies) per day. Total approx. 35 societies from Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India participated in this campaign. Apart from about 2,00,000 rotis, Noida residents also donated around one quintal pulse, one quintal rice and five quintal flours. In the last days of this campaign, the government arranged buses for migrant workers to go to their native places.

Upon hearing this, residents generously donated travel-friendly dry goods such as biscuits, chips, water bottles, juice packets, etc. In collaboration with some NGO , we also distributed home made masks (approx 1,000).

Roti collection
Other eatable item we got at donation
Mask distribution
Message from donor

Also,this effort was appreciated by the Honorable Member of Parliament and Member of Vidhan Sabha of Noida A.K.A Gautam Buddh Nagar.

In the end, Rotika Bank wants to greet the residents there by writing the name of the supporting societies, if any society is left out, then we are very much sorry please forgive us.

1) Church View Apartment, Sector 29
2) Kendriya Vihar 1, Sector 51
3) Shiva Kala Apartment, Sector 52
4) Sagar Apartment Apartment, Sector 50
5) Alok Vihar 1, Sector 50
6) Alok Vihar 2, Sector 50
7) Steller Apartment, Sector 50
8) Omax Twin Tower, Sector 50
9) The Crescent Apartment, Sector 50
10) Meghdootam Apartment, Sector 50
11) Amrapali Eden, Sector 50
12) Windsor Green, Sector 50
13) Auspicious Apartment, Sector 50
14) Space Green Apartment, Sector 50
15) Palm Grove, Sector 50
16) Mahagun Manor, Sector 50
17) Space Nature, Sector 50
18) Omaxe Twin Tower, Sector 50
19) ATS One Hamlet, Sector 104
20) Jalyau Vihar Sector 47
21) Mahagun Maple, Sector 50
22) Golf Avenue-1, Sector 75
23) Golf Avenue-2, Sector 75
24) JM Aroma, Sector 75
25) Indosum, Sector 75
26) Jewel of Noida, Sector 75
27) White House, Sector 75
28) Apex Athena, Sector 75
29) Panchsheel Pratishtha, Sector 75
30) Golf City Plot 7, Sector 75
31) Golf City Plot 8, Sector 75
32) Gardenia Gate Way Plot 9, Sector 75
33) Silver Estate, Sector 50
34) Cape Town, Sector 50
35) Kingston, Sector 75

For more details, please visit the below Facebook link of our campaign:


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