Those Days

By Shivani Singh

There are “Those Days”  when you have those perfect mornings.  After a significant amount of restless nights and sick mornings,  it’;s just one day you wake up leaving behind the negativity.  Waking up with all those lost energy brimming your body,  all those happiness glowing up on your face.  The focus and confidence back to support your ideas and faith.  And you listen your pounding heart throbs telling you.. “Yeah!!!  This is going to be one hell of a day..”
There are times you need to overcome grief and rage growing in you.  I won’;t say it’;s a one day process but it takes just one moment to realize you are over it.
There are zillion things that cause pain, irritates us,  annoy us or develop a lots of those unpleasant feelings.  But wait and have a look around,  everybody has something that drives happiness out of their way. I generally hear people mourning over lost things.  Mind you,  these lost things are not merchandise or moving and living form of flesh and blood. What we loose is the feelings awaken by them, the loss of motivation,  Confidence, self –  esteem, focus etc.
And if you could feel it let me ask you one question. ” Do you think any thing or a person could bring you back your composure other than you?”
So,  here I wish if you are going through this.,  May this morning or the forthcoming mornings be you “Those Days”

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