Story of a Stray Dog

I am a dog and want to write our own stories can I !!!

I got that you are smiling … don’t hide your face. Laugh with loud yes it very good for health at least for your health. Have you ever thought about my life? Yes I am asking you human being and specially you, who reading this.

As dog I got birth at a good small city in India. We were three brothers and two sisters. After few week of birth a construction company came and starts digging at our living place. As we were not have any document as resident proof, so we have been thrown out from that place. In search of new dwelling we move at some kilometer away from present place. Present place was very good for us. Nearby there was a temple and besides temple there was few local eateries outlet. A few hundred meters away there was a meat shop. As per my mother she never faces shortage of good hygiene food during that duration. But here at this new place because of malnutrition we lost our few siblings. A lot of time my mother used to go at the old place for food. But there, due to new construction eateries outlet has been removed. Also the meat shop shut down due objection from new inhabitant nearby temple. So the only place left is temple. The fight among the dog and beggar become fears for the food. Usually my mother get small piece of share and also the concept of breakfast, lunch and dinner has gone.

I get very frustrated because of all above things. So one day I have decided that will leave this city and will shift to the big city. On very early morning of the next day, I say good bye to my family. I came at highway, as I have heard that this highway go to big city. There were very big rush of vehicle. I came under the bus stand. As soon as I tried to board a bus but I have been thrown away by bus conductor. He scolded “you dogs are not allowed inside the bus”. My feeling get hurt I have never heard such a rude word. After a shock moment of this humiliation I console myself by remembering the stories as told by my uncle about great human being. As I have some dreamed like them, there may be hurdles, so I should not be demotivated by such small hurdle.

I left the bus stand and went to railway station. I have not been allowed to enter at the railway station. This time I was motivated so I don’t want to lose the chance. I took some illegal way to enter at railway station. I found that there was already group of dogs. They fiercely barked at me. After a lot of request we finally settle down with a conditions and ransom. Condition was that I can live at station as much I want but I have to follow and equally participate whatever they do. And ransom was that up to my stay at there I have to arrange the food for them. Arranging the food was not very tough task because except the dustbin everywhere human throw there extra food. Hygiene and cleanness is a very big problem at railway station. It was very tough for me as a dog to live at railway station but seeing human enjoying at there so left to think about that. Same day evening I come to know that one train will go to a big city so I prepared myself to board at that. Train was packed with passenger. Still more passenger were trying to board. Seeing this I left the idea and decide to wait for next. Next train was at next day morning. Situation was same. At last coach I found that space was there, I boarded to coach but soon I have been thrown away from there.  That coach belongs to train driver and few men in black coat. They shouted at me “who the let this dog come in the coach? This train doesn’t belong to your father. Although there is no space men! Dogs are trying board. ”

All things make me very sad. I was sitting beside the rail track and thinking about my decision and future. At the same time I heard that two men were discussing that “yaar how we will reach at big city, although we have exhausted all our money”. Second replied “one idea, we can go by next carriage train. Let me check that which next carriage train will go to the big city. At the same train there will be no T.T. so we can easily board.” This also gives me a hope so I followed them. They board at the next carriage train and so I. The wagons were full of coal except one having less so they prefer that. I was also standing far from them at next wagon. They call me and share some food with me. After a long time I found such unconditional love.

Next day morning we reached at a big city. I say bye to them. There was big roads, tall building, fast moving cars etc. I was mesmerize and thought that this the place where I can do something. After roaming here and there I start feeling hungry so I went near to the eatery shop. At the gate of shop there was a man well dressed with big mustache. He barked at me and didn’t not allow even to stand near the shop. These things happen with me to next 3-4 shop. So I go near to a moving eatery cart. Already there was bunch of beggar animal was around that cart. So I leave and moved near to a temple. There was much bigger queue of human and at the end there was bunch of dogs. As soon as they notice me they barked and followed up to few kilometer away of temple premise. I was so much hungry so moved to garbage area there was already two three human children searching something apart from them there were some cow and pigs was there. There was too much smell and sever was coming over the road. I left the hope and leave the place.

I was so much tired because of roaming and not having food since long. I want to rest so I tried to enter a green park but guard shouted at me. I was thirsty also. A few meters away there was leakage of water pipe. I quenched my thirst and sit at the corner of a building. As I was very much tired I slept away.  When I opened my eyes I found that there was some food in front of me. Without any thought I finished within minute. After relaxing I found that I was inside the cage of stray dogs and there were some more. They told me that this is very good place, you need not to fierce fight for food here. Every alternate day you will get food. Sometimes some kind children come to watch us and throw some eateries that are luxuries. I asked them you never tried to come out of this place. Then an old dog told me that why should try, there was no place for unprivileged human being in their own world so do you thing that you will get the space for yourself.

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