LOCKCOWN  DIARIES 19th March 2020 To 5th June 2020

As you all know that there is a virus outbreak in the world right now .So, as precautions many countries are practicing lockdown. For example : Italy, India, Malaysia, China and many more. So, I  will share my experience of the lockdown .


19th  MarchThe Prime Minister Of India announced a one day Junta Curfew on 22nd

March(Sunday) . Everyone was quiet relaxed.


22nd March– Everything went  normal just like a normal Sunday just, the change was we didn’t go out of our homes.


24th MarchThe Prime Minister Of India announced a 21 day lockdown . People started panic buying (ya, me too!) . Till the next morning the shops were out of stuff .

25th  March– Things went nice and pleasant just like 22 March .On Friday a kirtan started  in a society a kilometer or a two away, it started at 5 pm it was very soothing .


26th March– I baked  some atta cookies .Atta cookies because I forgot to buy maida! The most important thing while baking.


30th March– Ok now let’s come to 30th  March ,today,  I made  some choco atta cookies! Yum yum


1st April– On this day my online classes started so I was happy because I did not had anything to do .I was really bored. My first half of the day passed so rest of the day I read books and played ludo , ludo and lots of it with my  family.


10th  April– Today I made pizza! I also made the base at home! With multigrain atta and without yeast .It was truly amazing anddddd cheeeeesy .


16th April – I made fara, it actually looks like Indian taco but it isn’t. But……… it is tasty. slurp slurp


18th  April– Today I had my parent teacher meeting and also my father went to distribute food to needy people. And  in the evening a thunder storm and  aandhi  (a very strong wind which may destroy properties ouch! Danger!)came. This evening was the scariest ,my mom and dad opened the front door to take in the shoes (my shoe rack is outside my home)  I was still inside  but, suddenly the door to my kitchen’s balcony flung open! I don’t know how it opened but it was shocking I screamed for about  a minute. Then my mom heard my scream she asked my father to close the door ,then she also calmed me down. Then it started raining heavily….water started coming in my parent’s room and living room, we placed all the clothes we could find  to prevent the water from coming in .It was a horrid evening.


19th April– Today  was a boring day we didn’t do much today . But, we made  cottage cheese rolls today evening they were yum .


21st April– Today it was my parents 13th marriage anniversary  . I baked a cake today, it was delicious  . I also made a card for my parents, they loved it! It was a very nice and pleasant  day.


25 April – Today  is a Sunday it is a nice and pleasant day as always. Today was a lazy day ,we were all tired from the daily chores we relaxed and watched T.V turn by turn first my mom and dad watched together then came my turn .Ya! We made masala fries yesterday .


26 April – In the morning my mom made cottage cheese and onion kachori you all must be knowing what is a kachori, right?



30th April– Today me and my mom searched online for cake ideas because my birthday was approaching we had to order a cake! A question must be in your mind that how will I  order a birthday cake in quarantine? But the answer to your question is simple, an aunt in my society bakes cakes she is also baking cakes in quarantine so I will give a design to her and she will bake it, as simple as that. In the evening  there was BREAKING NEWS that the lockdown will extend till 17th May!


7th MayThe Prime Minister Of India announced that the lockdown will extend till 30th June! This was eventually a FAKE NEWS


10th May– Today was International Mother’s Day! Today I woke up  at 5:30 in the morning I quickly brushed my teeth and took a glass of water to my mother who was still sleeping peacefully in her room I politely said: Good Morning Mamma, to my surprise my mom woke up I hugged her tightly and wished her HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY, then she drank the glass of water and then went to freshen up. Meanwhile my dad made tea and also served me milk we sat in the balcony and watched the SUN rising then I came in my room I grabbed mom’s mobile phone and started copying a song that my MUSIC TEACHER gave all of my classmates my aim was to write the song and sing it in front of my mom. I also made a card it is elegant and beautiful. Today in the afternoon a thunderstorm came it was just like 18th April but this time we knew what to do.


17th May– Today was the most special day I could even think about today was MY 9th BIRTHDAY! I was very very very excited, today was lucky day for my dad to because, he got felicitation by District Magistrate Of Noida for his social work of feeding poor people everyday. And as for me it was my birthday so my mom made MILK CAKE a day before the event because we have to keep it untouched for 4-5 hours so, my mom left it overnight than in the morning THE MILK CAKE was ready! It was delicious. In the afternoon my mom started the preparation for my birthday cake you must be thinking that I said you on 30th April that I will order the cake from aunt in my society but, I changed my mind that I will make A BISCUIT CAKE so my mom did that, she also made CHILLY PANEER DRY and NOODLES. In the evening , we all dressed smartly and did a photoshoot! This was indeed a nice day. And I was also – TURNING NINE IN LOCKDOWN TIME!


19th   May – Today was like a makeover day for my parents and me. I got a haircut by my mom and it was amazing. I had long hair, which touched my waist and… and…. And… I got it chopped till my nape!!! And I felt so refreshing after I got this new style. The best thing about hair is this only… u can change them completely every year. My dad also got a haircut. As for my mom she did a self pedicure and manicure!

5th June– Today my mom asked me what do I want for my birthday gift cause she didn’t gave me a one yet so guess what did I asked her to get me? I said ………………………… Scrabble Board Game!  And I just want to tell you one thing that I have one YouTube channel named Wonder Women although when you search Wonder Woman my channel doesn’t comes so I am sharing links to all of my videos uploaded on my channel https://youtu.be/aSFDFb_n1hM Easy Dance Steps On Kalla Sohna Nai By Neha Kakkar

https://youtu.be/yAC43W8Jqp8 Mother’s Day Special 😍

https://youtu.be/6ZYJxlyfejM How to make corner book mark

https://youtu.be/3tO8j0CA8_k My Quarantine Vacation😜

https://youtu.be/w0BOUKYfoqM Tongue Twister

https://youtu.be/flwbOT6bnho My Yog Routine

https://youtu.be/LRcXuFj90mY 9th April, 9:00  pm , 9 minutes The World Around Me Lit Up

https://youtu.be/Vwa8KxvaQN8 Playing With Lego Friends ( Heartlake City  Café)

https://youtu.be/4m4aCtnJIMw What’s In My Bag?

https://youtu.be/YaGNldxcqcE DIY Box



my writeup has came to an end but the lockdown has not, neither our difficulties have ………. some say “ WE HAVE TO LEARN TO LIVE WITH CORONA”  but who knows the truth?


From The Pen OF : Ms. Vartika Singh

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  1. Pritika Singh says:

    Beautifully articulated.. Keep going girl👍

  2. Anjani Kumar singh says:

    Very well described vinie.
    Some lesson learned , sometimes bored, nice haircut, good job by dad by helping poor people in tough time, would have been good to see your teachers in online classes, delicious cookies and cakes.
    This is tough time especially for children but you have utilised it very well.
    Well done .
    Keep posting your write ups

  3. Shivani Mishra says:

    Very nicely written .
    Anyone can relate to it
    Keep going best of luck

  4. Aryahi singh says:

    Very very Good
    I like your video

  5. Aadi Kapoor says:

    WoW My Best Friend

  6. Anonymous says:

    Wao vini
    Very nice written more beautiful was your presentation
    Good confidence

  7. Priya says:

    This comes straight from the heart !
    You are magical with words, well expressed …. keep shining the way you do !!!!
    Explore the world of words with full zeal and be curious to learn new things and explore newer avenues.
    keep this habit of writing journals for life .. you will see the impact of your surroundings, family and friends over your aura gradually,with each passing year , a new Vini would unfold in front of your eyes to your astonishment !
    Always leave a sparkle whatever you do !!
    As My prophecy is turning to a reality , I can see a prodigal girl turning out to be a budding writer !

  8. Vartika Singh says:

    Wow this writeup is amazing………..Truly wonderful……….keep going girl😘

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