Life on Two Pillars-Part-2/2


Continued from part 1/2….

Call bell rang “ting-tong, ting-tong.” Sonika thought there might the washer-man she replied without opening the door “please come tomorrow we don’t have clothes today.” She was reading the newspaper. After few minutes again bell rang. She angrily opened the door and her mouth remained opened in surprise. Then Ambarish broke the silence “please hurry up to open the door, I have to go to the toilet, its emergency.” After the toilet Sonika asked how you came here and who did you gave this address? Ambarish replied “can I hug you, we are meeting after a long time I thing after 10 years.” Again Sonika asked of him “for what purpose you come here. If you are for marriage, then I can assure you that I am not going to marry you.” “Can I have some breakfast or something to eat I am very much hungry? Also, please prepare a coffee for me, do you like coffee?” he asked. Sonika sat on the sofa and asked of him in a slight tough voice “I am asking you something and you are making joke about that.” Ambarish replied “I am coming directly from the USA, just a few hours before from my takeoff flight changed from Bengaluru to Delhi. So I called to my mummy. She told me that you are there so it would be better to meet you there. Then your mother called me and gives me your address. So I came here. Really, I am very much hungry. Please, give me something for eating.” After finishing their breakfast, then he asked why you don’t want to marry with him. She replied that she knew that he had a girlfriend and they were very close to each other. Second, she didn’t want to leave her mother. Also, since childhood, she didn’t like his mother as she was very dominating and orthodox etc. Fourth point was that she wants a deep man have their own identity, sensible, loving not infatuating and most important able to understand her fickle mind. He asked “do know any man with such quality. I don’t think that all such quality can be inside a single man. You have to marry with two, three man like Draupadi.”  He laughed. She replied “Yes, I know, Anurag sir has most of these qualities.” He said seriously “but he is already married and also have baby. Do you want to break his family?” She replied “no but I can be his second wife. First of all I don’t want to marry but if it will be forced then I will prefer to marry with their whole family. Also, Then Ambarish became slight serious “do you understand what you are saying? You are trying to ruin their as well as your life. Their life, because they already a happy family that relationship will break and your life because you can never be legal wife of him, as per Hindu marriage act 1955. Put yourself at place of your mother and imagine that there your father was having one wife and she was also having some babies. What nonsense you are talking. This is modern India. And also as per my guess there may be big age difference between you and sir.” After a moment she replied “Rimmi didi and Ranu both like me very much. Sometime, Ranu called me mummy. If both are ok with me then I don’t think that sir will have problem because he is always driven by their family wish.” Again, after pause she said “I don’t want legal right from them. In modern also some people have second wife without consent from first but in my case consent and happiness both are there. In fact I will be part of family.” Then Ambarish asked “do didi aware of this?” She shook head in negative “but I know that she understand me very well.” Ambarish asked “what about the parents on either side.” She replied “if we were not having any problem then I don’t think they will have.”

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After a long pause Ambarish broke the silence “why do you think that I am not suitable for you and I can’t fulfill your exception? Let we engaged together, at least for some period to understand each other, then both will decide whether we are suitable for each other or not. Sometimes understanding of life comes with the age and time. Earlier what I remember, you never like wedding. Even you don’t like to play with my boys’ team. Whenever your father jokes about your marriage you became angry. You are at that time hurt by you maternal uncle deeds. Because, he killed his wife. That was not yet proofed in court. Now by the time passed you start liking word as family, husband and baby and most important a man as Anurag sir. What I feel that he gave you his family platform for change of your understanding. So instead giving trouble to him you should try other option. If you will fail then ask him for further help. Suppose didi & Ranu will accept you so the sir, but we live in a cultural where such thing is not considered as good practice. Actually, didi’s love will until you will not be an obstacle for her. No lady in the world can share her husband with other lady. Ultimately, we have to live in this society. A lot I have spoken hope you will think about that.” She replied “I want to discuss this with didi, Ranu and sir then I will decide.” Ambarish shocked “please don’t do like this.” She replied “if I will bury my feeling then I may harm to myself so let me discuss.”

Doorbell rang “ting tong ting tong.” Sonika opened the door, Ranu try to make scare the Sonika, everyone laughed. Sonika introduced Ambarish to Anurag and didi. Unknowingly she asked “when you come?” Sonika replied “as soon as you left the house.” Rimmi asked “did you have been offered anything for eating.” He replied “yes, breakfast with nice coffee.” Rimmi asked to both Sonika and Ambarish “so what is planning for today?” Sonika replied “he is going to Bengaluru by evening flight.” Rimmi asked “why?” “Yes I am going if Sonika is going with me” Ambarish replied. Both laughed. In curiosity Rimmi asked “so when I should book ticked for Bengaluru. Please tell me in advance so that we can avail offered ticket otherwise we will not come to attend your engagement.” Ambarish said “didi I want to discuss something with you in private.” Rimmi replied “means do you want to go on date with me before your engagement, wow Anurag never offered to me. I am ready.” Quickly Sonika said “I will also come.” Rimmi said ” hu hu …hoon possessive.” Everyone laughed except Sonika and Anurag. Anurag didn’t like these things so he went to his room. At around 3.00 pm Ranu got to sleep. Then all three booked a radio taxi and went to the TGIP mall.

They took coffee and sit at a corner place of open space there. Then Ambarish told to Rimmi about their conversation. He was slight scared about the reaction of Rimmi. Sonika was in deep silent. Then Rimmi asked to Sonika “is Ambarish right?” She replied in a bit nervous voice “yes this is true didi I love to all of you and don’t want to leave to all of you.” Rimmi asked “so did you think that I will accept you as my ‘Sautan’ (second wife of husband). Have ever express this to Anurag or vice versa?” She replied “never from either side.” Rimmi again asked “why you fall in love with Anurag, can you explain. Actually I am also asking what qualities, I have not noticed but you noticed. Don’t hide anything otherwise we will not get solution.” Sonika replied “actually didi my love start from you.” “What!! Are you ok” Rimmi exclaimed with a bit smile. She continued “I start loving you by the way you live your life, handling the things, the way you love to Ranu and sir. I always dreamed about this life. When you have gone to your native place, I tried to mimic all your activities. One day I wore your dress in early morning, on that night sir slept at late night. I was searching for pink kurti at your cupboard, he get disturbed and come from back side and hug me and asked when you come back, he was not yet opened his eyes. His touch was very soft and I feel very warm. Soon he get realized that you are not there then shouted at me. From that I start loving to him. Whenever Ranu called me mummy makes my love more strong with all of you. I start feeling that I can live happy only with all of you. Anurag sir is slightly rude but he is also having a soft corner for me. I realise this when I get fall down in bathroom and you asked him for help, he was bit worried and handle me softly. There are a lot of incidents. Please didi accept me, I will never try to take your place. I will always be your subordinate.” “What do you think that Anurag will accept you?” Rimmi asked. Sonika replied “I know that I can convince you and Ranu but not Anurag sir. He loves you and Ranu a lot. This I already tested on the earthquake day. I asked “sir suppose if you will die in earthquake then will didi remarry? Or will your soul allow her to do this.” He replied “As I know that she will not do but my soul will be happy if she will remarry.” Then I asked about opposite, he refused and said even it were be your didi wish he would not remarry. Then I asked if only you & I would remain alive then. He replied that only I loved Rimmi and no other can replaced her. (After a pause… ) I was impressed a lot and my fascination towards him became stronger.” She again said “I will never plan for baby, Ranu will be my baby. If you want assurance then I can go for operation at any time.”

Ambarish and Rimmi kept silent for a moment. Rimmi said “I am feeling hungry, let go the food outlet and we will eat something and will also take away something for Anurag and Ranu. May be Ranu will get up.” When Sonika went to the toilet, then Ambarish asked what he should do. Rimmi replied “Don’t worry Sonika will marry with you. She is like pure water where ever she finds place flowed herself. She missed family since long she needs some guidance. It is her infatuation towards my family. Actually she got it in the first step of her individual life so she doesn’t want to lose or take a risk for losing it. Don’t tell anything to Anurag, even if he smells this he will become very angry and that will make the Sonika life worst. Maybe she will break down forever. Stay for today tomorrow fly for Bengaluru. Sonika will come with us. And even don’t say this to anyone not the either parents. Hope you will understand.” Ambarish shook his head in affirmation.

Instead of Sunday, Monday morning Ambarish fled to Bengaluru. While going to office Anurag drop him at airport. Sonika didn’t go to the office. Also Rimmi don’t her to would attend the office. Ranu went to school at 7:30am. Then Rimmi asked to Sonika for coffee. Both sat in the Rimmi bedroom with their coffee. Already, Sonika understand that she want to discuss something.  Rimmi started “Do you know life is as looks simple, but it’s much more complex as behind. As the age passes thing around you changes and so your requirement and priority also changes. If you don’t change yourself means perception, thoughts, taste etc you will out. At a later age of life when you need a companion, if both of you not accustomed to each other, then at later age, life will become hell. This understanding comes when both companions is of or around same age and faced each other since long and don’t influenced by third experience.” Then doorbell rang, Rimmi opened the door. She surprised to see Anurag. “What happened?” He replied “I have smelled something that’s why after leaving Ambarish I came back to home. What is going on? I have some idea. Is there any problem between Sonika and Ambarish?” He asked to Sonika “you do not like Ambarish. Is there anyone?”  Rimmi replied “Yes she wants to marry with you.” He exclaimed “what?” Rimmi interrupted “calm down, don’t be impatient.” She blinks her eyes and said to Sonika for coffee to Anurag. Then Rimmi said to Anurag that she had been infatuated and seeking for family love which she had missed since long and asked to understand her in a polite way otherwise she will break down. In spiritual teaching Anurag was expert. After their counseling Sonika became ready to marry with Ambarish but she put one condition that if something wrong will happen or she might not feel happy or comfortable then she will be come back. All three were agreed and at the same time Anurag booked 4 flights ticked for Bengaluru. Rimmi said “Sonika please be ready and Anurag don’t change, we will for shopping after Ranu come from school. And today’s shopping is sponsored by Anurag.” Anurag said “a big no. Just few weeks back you have done shopping.” Rimmi replied “That was for my house and this is for Sonika Engagement. And most important I am not asking you it is my order.” Anurag bow himself.

At the engagement ceremony, 14 February finalized as date their marriage. After engagement Ambarish flied back to the USA and Sonika come to Noida. She put her resignation. She decided that just 10 days before she will go to Bengaluru. Till then she will live at Noida, even after released from job. During this period they come more close to each other. Especially Anurag started talking to Sonika as a friend.

There was a big party at Bengaluru. Even this marriage photos were published at page 3 of famous new paper. After marriage, they flied to the USA on the condition that they will live there for three years then both will come back to Bengaluru and will start their business or continued the current one. After a year, Ambarish’s younger brother Rohan went to USA for MBA. They were in the same city but his brother was in college hostel. On one day morning Sonika was not feeling well so they went to the nearby hospital. There was good news. There were very happy. Rohan gift a candle lite dinner to both of them. Their parents flied to the USA to give their blessing. Rimmi, Anurag and Ranu wish to them over Skype. There was normal delivery. When Ambarish heard the baby’s voice, he started dancing. After a lot of brainstorming, ‘Joy’ had been decided baby boy name. Chandrika came back after 10 days as she need to manage her business, but Ambarish parents lived there for 3 months. Also, every weekend Rohan joined them. Sonika called Rimmi a lot of time for their visit.

Slowly-2 two years has passed. Now time come to go back to India. Ambarish already started planning for that. Ambarish put his resignation at present company. But due to work load company request to him a favor of six month extra work. He agreed for that. At the month of October 2015 company assigned to him a lost on site job at Paris. It was a very small duration job. So he agreed and also planned that he would not come back to the USA, from there they would back to India. Company provided them temporary family accommodation at a Hotel at Paris.  Ambarish was in hurry to finish his job. He planned after attending his favorite American rock band, Eagles of Death Metal, at famous Bataclan Theater; they will back to India on 14 November, 2015. He had already booked their tickets. On 13th November, 2015, since morning Sonika was not feeling well, so she refused to attend and asked to Ambarish for not too went there. He promised to her, that after attending show, he would directly back to hotel. After a few hours, Sonika called to Ambarish in panic, that there was a shooting, so be care full. Ambarish console her, ok, he would take care of himself and suggested not come out of hotel. When they were at phone, she heard his screaming sound. After a few seconds, when she didn’t get a response from him, she came out of hotel and rush towards there.  No one was allowed to go there. After a few hours she came to know that from Police that Ambarish on emergency basis admitted to the hospital. Sonika with Joy came to hospital. Sonika saw that Ambarish was badly wounded with bullet he was in slight conscious; he wanted to meet with Sonika before operation. Sonika was shocked. He said last bye to Sonika. Sonika fell down there. Joy was unable to understand the situation. Police called to Rohan from Sonika mobile. In the log, there was latest call from Rohan. He called to Sonika, when she was leaving for Hospital. He immediately flied to France. Sonika was slightly unconscious. Rohan informed to his parents and Chandrika. Since Chandrika was not able to fly as she was under treatment so she immediately asked to Anurag for help. Next day Anurag flied to France.

Sonika was in trauma as soon as she saw Anurag her anger came out she throws her coffee cup to him. Anurag was not able to fully save him and he got slight wound. She shouted at him, “because of you I become widowed.” Rohan parents understand the situation so they tried to calm down to Sonika. Joy was with his grandmother. He was still confused. Kalyan Kumar planned for last right at Bengaluru. So after completing the legal formalities they flew back to Bengaluru. Rimmi was there. When Sonika saw the Rimmi she broke out with tears. As she kept silent, even did not talked to Joy. Chandrika and Kalyan felt sigh of relief. After three days Rohan back to USA. Kalyan kumar, Chandrika, Rimmi and Anurag were discussion about the future of Sonika. Anurag suggested for re-marriage then suddenly Sonika came to the same room and after pointing finger towards Anurag, She said “I am not going to marry again and as per promise I am going back to Noida.”  Rest of faces becomes blank. Then Ambarish mother speak in stern voice “Joy will with us I will not let him to go with you. Whenever you will want to meet him you have to come here.” Sonika said in slight numb voice “ok”. There was deep silence for a minute, then everybody turned their faces towards Anurag, including Rimmi, with a question mark. Anurag was puzzled. He tried to muted answer from Rimmi. After not getting any response, he was in thought whether he should book three tickets or 4 tickets.

I am leaving the story here and waiting for a decision from readers as a comment. What step Anurag should take?

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